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Strategic Development Plan

With sane and perspective strategy, we are bright and foresight and therefore guide our future to brilliance.

We as a pioneer of new field, as the sole development manufacturer who engaged in from low end zirconium materials to advanced zirconium products’ in the whole world, Based on production, investment, researching and development of the high-tech zirconium products, Pay close attention to the trend in the world market, follow paces of new material science and its using development closely, Execute perspective and guiding research and development actively, accumulate stamina for the development of enterprises, Get first chance , improve market adaptive capacity and competitiveness.

While applying ourselves to research, development and application of new products and new technologies, we will expand business scale progressively through cooperating, merging and other effective form of expanding, and urge benefit with the scale. We will collect social fund through list, develop and offer bigger cooperative platform for enterprise.

With our sober head, long-term sight and powerful strength, we will advance with our great nationality together!

On the horizon in the 21st century, realize our brilliant dream of “Orient Zirconic King”!

We require ourselves make great efforts, condense infinite intelligence of China together with young strength, build up a irreplaceable and can’ ting ignore Chinese brand of a century with infinitude energy and strengthened constantly in the world. Make our own due contribution for nationality high scientific and technological industry development and for world zirconium industry development.


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