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Talent Concept

Pay close attention to the research, development, demand and application of international trends and cutting-edge technologies, timely and actively adjust the company's strategies, and maintain the leading position of Oriental zirconium industry in the world trend.

Since its establishment, we have set up our own technology center, which has a group of high-level researchers and advanced research equipment, specializing in the research and development of new products, new technologies and new processes. In recent years, we have successively developed nano zirconia, high-purity ultra-fine zirconia, high-performance Al-Y composite zirconia, high-purity zirconium sulfate, high-purity zirconia carbonate, high-purity zirconia Stable zirconia, zirconia silicate, zirconia ceramics and other new processes and products have achieved good economic and social benefits after being put on the market, and provide follow-up guarantee for the company to reduce production costs and maintain its leading position in technology.

We have established close cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, China Nonferrous Metals Research and Design Institute, among which we have also established the & incubator of zirconium materials development and application in the State Key Laboratory of new ceramics and fine technology of Tsinghua University, specializing in the development and application of new zirconium materials.

We have a high-quality, high-level research and management team, and also hired more than ten experts and professors with outstanding achievements and outstanding reputation in the industry as technical consultants and directly participate in the operation and management of the company, so the company has strong technical support. At present, we have seven national invention patents and two utility model patents.


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